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Macs Tech with 20 years of unique experience in the ceramic sector, has developed a suite of products devoted to solving the problems faced by the ceramic industry. After initially developing simple yet powerful sorting machines, still in production, it has been created the first color management system specifically designed for the ceramic industry.

The innovating Hardware and Software technology is dedicated to ceramic industry and specialized in the entire ceramic process management, considering the characteristic of the whole ceramic process and not just the color ensuring a future reproducibility by different manufacturing processes.

Our hardware and software are designed and implemented from innovation and continue research, based on customer needs, collected from our long experience in the ceramic sector, and having the purpose to create business value.

Based on self-designed spectral scanner technology, it guarantees perfect reproduction of original surfaces, including both natural and artificial materials such as ceramic tiles.

Keracromia, Macs Tech’s core product, is the innovative application suite which aims to solve the reproducibility issue of the ceramic industry. Through the innovative technology, products can be created with the correct color tone regardless of variations in production conditions, such as different printers, inks, sizes, glazes or kilns.


20 years of unique experience in the ceramic sector. From sorting machine to color and process managementrt to crea


We have the Intellectual Property of more than 10 patent on hardware and software products

Time to action

Prepared and structured in helping ceramics on the field during the initial phase and always supporting in later phases with a direct and dedicated channel.


Class and on the job training to provide people with the rigth knowlodge to operate at the best