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KeraCromia® Suite

Our solution is Keracromia®

Keracromia is the innovative application suite which aims to solve the reproducibility issue of the ceramic industry.

Through the innovative technology, products can be created with the correct colour tone regardless of variations ofproduction conditions, such as different printers, inks, sizes, glazes or kiln temperature profile.

Benefits using Keracromia®

• Produce the same product on multiple production processes by the virtual model with the guarantee of the tone reproducibility over time and process evolution 

• Perform virtual trial, giving the real perception of the colors and tone, without engaging the production line

• Get a digital master of the product from which it will always be possible to obtain a faithful reproduction, even in different production conditions for varied materials, ink, process, etc

Objective evaluation of the perceptual difference between the master and the product lot (made)

Trackable lots of the lots produced to have the control of its characteristic 

• The knowledge of the production process over time, to control where the problems could be in having a stable process.

How does it work?

Keracromia - How does it work